hackshunt.com is a modern blog with the goal of providing latest and relevant data, facts and figures for the consumers. The unique approach of collecting and sharing information has quickly made hackshunt.com a popular destination for serious people.

History & Mission

Like most popular blogs out there, hackshunt.com started as a rather general blog. We were publishing content about the general topics and not targeting any specific user group. We did that for some time and found out it was not effective both for us and the visitors.

With that realization, we soon changed the way things were going. We created a clear mission for our site, which was to add value to our reader’s life. We decided that everything we publish should have a clear goal of adding value and nothing else.

That’s when hackshunt.com changed its mission and started the new journey.

What makes hackshunt.com so different?

  • We are Unique : As soon as we changed our mission, our ultimate goal was to make hackshunt.com a unique source of information for the visitors. And after all these years, we can definitely make the claim that the blog has become such a place.
  • We are Targeted: In order to make hackshunt.com unique, we followed a targeted approach. We took the necessary steps to ensure that we are gradually reaching our targets. Sometimes we followed the proven path, and sometime we created the new paths.
  • We are Dedicated: The other thing that made hackshunt.com so successful is our level of dedication. We are absolutely dedicated to our goals and mission. We are prepared to do anything to meet our goals. And that’s why you will find hackshunt.com so different than the other places you visit.