In case you are tired of your daily office routine, boring evenings and disappointing weekends, bring some excitement in your life. In case you live in Bangalore and you are cribbing that city has nothing to cater, you need to explore. Yes, Bangalore has so many exciting spots, enchanting destinations and beautiful places around it.

Half of the population of Bangalore specially take their guests and friends to the nearby adventurous sites, destinations and treks. Talking about trekking, there are many thrilling and engaging treks around Bangalore. For example, Makalidurga trek is one such trek.

A peep into the trek! OfMakalidurga

Makalidurga Hill is sixty kilometres to the borders of Bangalore. It is on the height of 4430ft and it is situated only ten kilometres ahead of Doddaballapura. This is something that makes this spot a perfect destination for adventure and weekend getaways. It is a gorgeous hill enclosed by a lake which looks just like South American continent.

Here, a railway track passes through this base of the hill that makes the trek even more interesting and engaging. The Makalidurga Fort is situated on the top of the hill that permits the visitors to capture the splendid sunset and sunrise from this hilltop. There areplenty of the country localities at Makalidurga and for all the adventure buffs the perfect way to carry out trekking at Makalidurga is to begin it from the Makalidurga Railway Station. It adds a vintage chic to trek up to the hill. The entire trek and its surroundings are very magnificent.

How to plan out trekking?

In case you don’t have any idea about how to plan out your trekking tour then you can avail the exciting tours and trips organized by different groups and organizations. Once you begin to look around, you will get to know about many such groups which carry out special trekking tours on weekends for people. In their presence, you can enjoy your trekking to the fullest. Their assistance will make your trekking trip very convenient, thrilling and joyous.

For example, on Saturday the 6th May 2017 to Sunday the 7th May 2017, there is a trekking tour going too held for Makalidurga. It is organized by Quest Adventures. This area is one of the finest destinations for all the adventure activities such as trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, and much more. Whether you are alone, with your friends or colleagues, you can get your registration done for this exciting trekking trip. And the best part is that you need not to take holidays off because it is going too held on weekend only.


Thus, the bottom line is that you must not hesitate to carry out these tiny yet powerful thrilling tours. After all, these trekking trips can fill your routine with enthusiasm, change and rejuvenation. So, whether you plan your trip yourself or you carry it out with a group of fellows, destinations like Makalidurga are always welcoming, exciting, thrilling and full of joy. So, this weekend, relish some thrill and enthusiasm with a splendid trekking trip.