It is apparent that Bangalore engrosses folks into it. Many individuals vouch for its weather while some love the lush greenery that caps it and there are even such fellows who need no reason to fall for this city.Moreover, the Bouncing and young crowd make the land of this city even chillier than its climate.

Once you are in this city, Bangalore will introduce you to diverse activities and tourist destinations. There are plenty of Things to do in Bangalore and you can have a phenomenal time in this city. Whether you like tranquillity, art, creativity, adventure, greenery, walks, artistic spots, monuments, history or any similar thing; you can explore it in Bangalore.

Explore Lal Bagh

Want to explore something memorable? Then why not just find out this spot? Lal Bagh scatters across two hundred forty acres and it is home to a great number of trees that are more than one thousand years old and possess more than one thousand species of flora.In case you have a taste for nature and you want to stay in a natural setting, a pleasurable walk or jog exploring this lush greenery vouchers for a fine day.

You can also experience a perfectionistic walk around the luxurious greenery that makes spell of the city fade. The Lalbagh Glass House, raised specifically to imitate London’s spectacular Crystal Palace, is undoubtedly the cherry on the cake.In case you are lucky enough, you can also experience bi-annual flower shows that take place here.

Enjoy the richness of Tipu Sultan Fort

Situated in one of the most crammed market areas, Tipu Sultan Fort showcases the artistic talent that remains in the past. It was initially built by Kempegowda in year 1537 using mud bricks. The fort was modified and extended by Haider Ali, who made use of granite stones in the process. It was Tipu Sultan who finished it in 1791 and it served as his summer departure.

This two-storied structure possesses pillars, carved arches, and beautiful balconies. It represents rich Islamic style and you can witness a temple of Ganesha too. This thing throws light on the spiritual tolerance exhibited by ruler. In case you love to go deep into the historical facts, you must not miss out the art gallery housed in this fort. The gallery has historical paintings, carvings and photos.

Cubbon Park

This park is located in 300 acres of land. It was formed by Richard Sankey who was Chief Engineer of Mysore. The huge green parks and lawns that are well maintained require special mention. The Park caters gorgeous walk way. It is an ideal place for you to be during your frantic holiday tour. It deserves to be called a Heaven for walkers. You can also find statues of different famous personalities at this place. The sight of Cubbon Park in the times of evening when lights are turned on leave everyone stunned. The entire place looks absolutely stimulating and relaxing.


Thus, these were a few of many things that you can do in Bangalore. There are different markets, spots, monuments, and parks other than these mentioned places. Just visit them and you will treasure your trip for life.