There is no doubt makes train journey at least once in the life. Have you ever think about making a fantastic record of train journey? It is really good to watch the records of the journey after few months of years. It brings back the spirit of some of the happiest moments earned and enjoyed in the life.  Usually, most of the people take a diary and pen to record the details of information. But here are some of the important tips other than diary and pen to record the train travel.

Take photographs

This is one of the best tips that help you a lot in recollecting the memorable moments of train journey at a later period. Take time to step out at every station and take a photograph with the name board of the station. At present, there are online tools to make a good album of these photographs with date and time for free of cost. Make use of it and share the album with your social sites. This makes the best way to make the record and to share the moments with your friends. There is no doubt, this acts as a better guide and reference when you travel next time on the same route.

Buy something

It won’t cost a good amount to buy something from each of the station. You can find different types of small books. Get the books and write the station name and time on it. It really helps you a lot to recall the fantastic moments when you go through the books a later time. Get some toys or some other items on which you can make a note of your journey. Keep them on your showcase so that it can tell the story of your travel in a fantastic way even after years.

Take selfies

Be friends with the strangers. Share the experiences with them. When it is with someone belongs to another state, it really brings some good experiences. Now you can get your favourite food in train at your seats. Yes, you can book the food on the go with your mobile. Don’t forget to take selfies of taking food with your new friends and to share the moments. You can keep and save your photos with online platforms. When you watch it with your family members or friends after a long time, it really brings some of the nostalgic moments to get indulged with.

Keep in touch with the train friends

Making and maintaining the friends is the best way to add colours to the life. Train journey provides you good opportunity to make some friends on the go. Never let them left at the stations without getting a contact. Get the e-mail id, WhatsApp, or social media to share some greetings on the auspicious occasions and festival. This makes you to keep a record of the train journey in a fantastic way.

Try this in your next journey to enjoy the special moments of the journey at different periods of your life.