Posture….It’s a big deal, really. Poor posture says a lot about yourself, just as good posture says a lot about yourself. The problem with poor posture is that it says negative things. Good posture obviously says positive things and conveys to the people you interact with your self confidence and self esteem levels.

So how exactly can you improve your posture and why is it so important?

Let’s start with the second part of that question.

What Are The Benefits Of Good Posture?

When your spine is in proper alignment, in other words, when it forms a straight line from top to bottom, it does some amazing things. For example, when you stand up straight you are able to fill your lungs to capacity. This is good for your body. Plus, when you have good posture you exude an air of confidence. It makes you feel good about yourself and how you look to others.

What Are The Negative Effects Of Poor Posture?

Poor posture, on the other hand, can be the result of an injury or spinal condition. It can also be the result of hunching over a keyboard for far too many hours in a day/week/month. When your poor posture is the result of something you can control, there are simple solutions available to you. Posture correction devices are useful in ‘training’ you how to sit and stand for your health.

When you are hunched over, your breathing is affected. Poor posture can lead to all kinds of muscle aches and pains as well as headache, neck and back pain. Lower back pain is one of the more common results from poor posture. Again, posture correction devices can fix that problem quickly and easily. Most of them you can wear under clothing and no one will know the difference.

What Can You Do To Realign Your Spine?

The first part of the question above can be answered with a look at the Great Posture Road Map. It is a chart, or set of rules that you can follow each and every morning to get yourself into the right frame of mind for aligning your spine DIY-style. There are really only seven steps to take in order to properly correct your posture at home. Let’s take a look at what they are from head to toe:

Step 1 – Chin

The first thing to do is to hold your chin up. Do not let it droop downward. By holding your chin up you elevate the skull so that it seats properly with the top of the spine.

Step 2 – Chest

Lift up your chest. When you do this you align it with your spine and open the rib cage to the point where you can breathe deeply enough to fill your lungs.                 

Step 3 – Shoulders

Pull back your shoulders and hold them down. With your shoulders pulled back they come into alignment with your spine creating a ‘T’ from the base of your skull.

Step 4 – Stomach

Pull your stomach in and hold it. What this does is add extra support of your body core that includes the ribcage, spine and your midsection. In other words, the torso is tightened up.

Step 5 – Tailbone

Tuck in your tailbone slightly. This action provides an end point for the straight line you are creating with your spine. With the tailbone slightly tucked the spine is in proper positioning from the skull to below your hips.

Step 6 – Knees

Bend your knees slightly. What this does is generally relaxes the body and provides the upper torso with a cushioning much like a vehicle’s springs to keep the body balanced.

Step 7 – Feet

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. The final step provides a solid footing or foundation to stabilize the rest of the body. The straightened spine and all the adjoining parts all have to be supported by something and your feet do that job when you are standing.

Where Does This Road Map Take You?

Basically what you have done is removed any kind of pressure on the spine. When the spine is tugged at from one place or another because of poor posture, it can result in pulling apart the essential parts of your posture road map. When this happens and you cannot find relief from home corrective procedures, you may have to see a chiropractor for an adjustment.

Why Do Full Lungs Feel So Good?

When your spine is properly aligned, you will be able to breathe deeply, as has been mentioned above. Where this is good for your health is that it pulls in more oxygen into your respiratory system. The increased oxygen is good for your whole body as it gets the blood moving. When your circulatory system runs smoothly, it takes oxygen to all parts of your body fighting illness and disease.

The Way Good Posture Looks On You

Aside from the fact that good posture is sexy, it does a lot more for you than that. However, the main point is that good posture will get you noticed. It sends a signal to others that you take care of yourself and that you do care about yourself. Slouching sends a very different signal that can actually repel people from you. It often says that you are troubled or have serious issues.

It Works For Superheroes, Why Wouldn’t It Work For You?

There are not many superheroes who slouch. That is of course, unless you happen to be Bad Posture Man. You may not have heard of him because he’s just not all that popular. But if you think about it, all the great superheroes strike the good posture pose. Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman…the list goes on. They do this because good posture says they can be trusted.

Can You Fix Your Posture Today?

By using and following the Great Posture Road Map noted above each and every morning you can straighten out poor posture habits quickly. Adding a posture correction device to your stash of secret weapons won’t hurt, either. Just by starting today with the step-by-step guidelines of the Great Posture Road Map you will be well on your way to correcting poor posture habits right away.